Campus Police

Bicycle Operation and Parking

Bicycle Operation

  • Bicycles may be operated on the streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and campus grounds.

  • University Police officers on 自行车s are exempt from excessive speed restrictions when responding to emergencies so long as the police officer utilizes a bell, whistle or other audible warning device when approaching pedestrians.

  • Whenever a 自行车 is operated on a sidewalk, the operator must yield to all pedestrians and wheelchairs. Excessive speed or reckless operation of a 自行车 on a sidewalk shall constitute a violation of these rules.

  • Whenever a 自行车 is operated on a street, the operator must follow all rules of the road for motor vehicles.

Bicycle Parking Enforcement and Impoundment

A 自行车 warning or immobilization notice will be issued for parking a 自行车 in a non-parking area. Campus Police may immobilize illegally parked 自行车s by applying a special Campus Police lock. Once the 自行车 has been immobilized, the owner has 24 hours to come to the Winthrop Police Department with the citation and claim the 自行车. When the owner has notified Campus Police that their 自行车 has been immobilized, a $25.00 administrative fee will be assessed to the owners university account and the Campus Police lock will be removed and the 自行车 will be returned to the owner.

After 24 hours, the 自行车 will be removed, at no liability to the university or its agents, and impounded until the owner reports to Campus Police to claim the 自行车.

Bicycle Parking on Campus

  • A 自行车 may not be parked or left in any manner that blocks a sidewalk, stairway, doorway or accessible ramp.

  • Bicycles can 只有 be secured in approved 自行车 racks.

  • Bicycles may not be secured to any light pole, tree, bench, handrail, etc.

Last Updated: 7/13/22