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Frequently Asked Questions


    The list of available graduate degree programs can be found online at

    Yes! We welcome all prospective students of any age or stage in the academic process. This is your chance to see what it’s like to be part of the Winthrop community.  We also recommend connecting with the program director to speak with some directly from your program of interest.


    Schedule a visit today!

    Yes! You can apply as a Graduate Non-Degree seeking student.

    Please note, taking classes as a Non-Degree student does not automatically guarantee admission to a degree program, and Non-Degree students are not eligible for financial aid. Also, some classes are only available to degree-seeking students.

    If you are interested in taking classes as a Non-Degree seeking student to then switch into a Degree seeking program, you should contact the director of that particular program to ensure the appropriate courses are being taken and can be transferred. Up to 12 hours may be transferred with the approval of the program director. 

    Winthrop University is a public, coeducational, comprehensive university. The cost of a degree depends on the program you enroll in, and whether you are considered in-state or out of state for tuition. By using the formula below, you can calculate your tuition based on your program of interest.


    (Current tuition x total program hours) + Fees = Your Estimated Total Tuition

    Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for current tuition rates and fees.

    Qualifying permanent residents of South Carolina pay in-state tuition. Graduate students qualifying for any of the following exceptions shall pay the same fees as in-state graduate students:

    1. Graduate assistants;
    2. Graduate students holding fellowships;
    3. Graduate students with academic scholarships of $250 or more per semester;
    4. Graduate students from 12 counties in the Charlotte area.  

    A number of options are available to degree-seeking students:

    Non-degree students are ineligible to receive financial awards.  

    Please go to and click your program of interest to get general information about the program and its requirements. You are welcome to contact the program director via phone or e-mail to get additional details about the program.

    Occasionally graduate students will live on campus when space is available. Please contact Winthrop’s Residence Life office to find out if housing is available and how to apply for housing:

    Most programs will take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to complete; it depends upon the program, and the number of credit hours taken each semester. 

Last Updated: 3/20/23