Business Acumen Program

Effective leadership requires both interpersonal skills and business acumen.  The College of Business Administration defines Business Acumen as a deep and applicable understanding of how a business achieves its goals and objectives.  A person with strong business acumen is able to understand and explain:

How does the business make money?

What is a person's individual contribution and role in this?

What are the different elements that make a certain action work or not work?

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Business Acumen is not a single skill, but a much broader set of competencies that require understanding across multiple aspects of business:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Market Orientation 
  • Financial Acumen
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Analytical and Logical Thinking
  • Computing and Technology

Students that have strong Business Acumen competency:

  • Understand the role and interrelationships of each business function (i.e. sales, operations, finance, etc.) including how each adds value to their company. 
  • Apply knowledge of business fundamentals and marketplace drivers to enhance profitability and performance.
  • Uses knowledge of buisness fundamentals and financial data to evaluate the viability of business strategies and opportunities. 
  • Understand the economic and marketplace drivers of the industry and how they relate to the company's ability to remain competitive. 
  • Keep up-to-date on current business trends and identifies specific implications for their company. 
  • Understand concepts and trends in business technology and the use of it to support business and management. 


Program Requirements for Students

By graduation, College of Business Administration (CBA) students seeking a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree in the 2019-2020 catalog and later are required to participate in approved Business Acumen events on/off campus or virtual.  Students who began Winthrop as a freshman are required to attend eight (8) events and students who transfer to Winthrop are required to attend six (6).    

CBA Faculty/Staff will sponsor events on and off campus, live virtual events and pre-recorded events.  All approved Business Acumen events will include the "BAM" logo (shown above).  Some events may also be university approved cultural events.  

Types of Business Acumen events:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate Tours (Businesss Expedition Program)
  • Conferences
  • Organization Leadership
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Networking Events (sponsored by a CBA approved organization, i.e. AMA, WUSHRM, NABA)


Earning BAM Credit 

In-Person Events (on or off campus)

To earn credit for attending an in-person event, you must have your Winthrop Student ID scanned by the Business Acumen monitors before each event.  In the event the swipe system is not working, attendance will be taken manually by the event sponsor.  

Live Virtual Events (Zoom, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams)

To earn credit for attending a live virtual event, an attendnace report will be generated by the event sponsor/host.  Students must enable their webcams for the entire duration of the event unless specifically stated otherwise by the sponsor/host.  

Pre-Recorded Events (Blackboard Course)
To earn credit for viewing a pre-recorded event, a short supplemental quiz is required with a pass rate of 80%.  The pre-recorded videos are located in the My Organization section of your Blackboard.  The course is titled "CBA Business Acumen Program."

CBA Business Acumen Program-Blackboard Course Instructions (360k,pdf)

-Students only receive one (1) credit for attending a Business Acumen event unless otherwise stated on the Business Acumen event calendar.  

-Students will not receive additonal credit for attending the same event more than once.  


Business Acumen Calendar - The calendar of events is now available; this list will continue to grow as new events are approved.  


Business Acumen Petition Process - Students can earn Business Acumen credit for events that are organized outside of Winthrop University and the College of Business Administration in the current or the previous semester.  


The College is working to integrate the Buisness Acumen program and DegreeWorks so students can quickly determine how many Business Acumen credits they have earned.  At this time, students should contact the Director of External Relations to receive an update.    

Faculty/Staff: To sponsor a Business Acumen event, please review the Business Acumen Faculty Sponsorship process. 


      Spring 2023 BAM Committee Meetings      

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Monday, February 6th, 2023

Monday, February 20th, 2023

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

**Please Note: If you are submitting for event approval, utilize the meeting date that is at the latest three weeks before your proposed event date. 



For additional information and questions, contact:

Sarah Kesler - CBA Student Services
225 Thurmond Building

Last Updated: 1/26/23